Mission Statement

Hoopla is a lifestyle boutique that offers gifts and products that are produced locally and/or regionally. Hoopla also offers personal mail boxes, faxing services, and UPS shipping.

In these days of impersonal shopping experiences that leave everything to be desired, we hereby promise to make your experience with us enjoyable by:

1. Making sure you're happy.
2. Offering you the very best prices and variety of merchandise that we can in a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere.
3. To be ecologically and socially responsible by offering earth-friendly and fair trade alternatives. We are aware of our carbon footprint, and strive to reduce it. Buying locally is part of that.
4. To be involved in and give back to the Altadena community. Home is where our heart is, literally.
5. To be good employers. We promise to employ local people and to treat them and pay them fairly. We promise to train them with an eye toward self-empowerment so they can take what they've learned elsewhere as they move toward their life goals.
6. To support Altadena's artists by showcasing their creations.