Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Moon January 2017 The Eternal Struggle

Happy New Year, friends, and welcome to the Wolf Moon of January! This is an interesting Full Moon, with several aspects combined, but none greater than the Grand Cross we're experiencing today. A Grand Cross aspect pattern is a square formed by at least four planets, which are Sun opposite Moon at right angles to Jupiter opposite Uranus. We also have the Moon in the sign of Cancer, a tranquil Sun sign, however, Cancer sits square in the middle between the two stars of Gemini, Castor and Pollux. According to the Astrology King, Jaime Partridge, the Full Moon January 2017 shines a spotlight on the original cause of war, the rivalry between two brothers fighting over one woman. It is still being waged today and had developed into a battle for land, oil, and even God. He reports that "the internal battle shows as anger, fear, guilt, shame, fear, paranoia, mental illness, addiction, depression and nervous breakdowns. Externally we see two tribes going to war as Jews against Muslims in Palestine, blacks versus whites in America, and Islamic State against the old Crusader nations."
This is a time of great conflict, and current events bear that out. Luckily for us, there's another aspect to this Full Moon that tends to soften the effects - Saturn, the great dealmaker, is semisextile the Sun, is quincunx to the Moon, sextile Jupiter, and trines Uranus. All these aspects help mediate the effects of the Grand Cross, and depend on the ability to compromise and make deals to end conflicts. This is actually a great time to make positive changes. Working toward understanding, cool heads, and using our innate common sense will allow us to push forward toward permanent positive goals.
In this vein, be aware that because of the electrified influence of Jupiter and Uranus (both share thunderbolts in common), anything could happen! Hoopla! Emporium is hosting a great little workshop on Thursday, February 2nd, featuring Niki Elliott, Phd., highlighting her book "I Feel Your Pain". Written for empaths of all sorts, Dr. Elliott will talk about her seven step survival guide for us intuitive folks. Be sure to watch our social media sites, or sign up for our email newsletters, for further information.