Thursday, May 19, 2016

Full Moon, Blue Moon, Retrogrades, And Fairies!

Lots of things swirling about these past few weeks, what with the five planet retrograde going on, and now we've got what we like to call a "situation". Saturday's full moon, in Sagittarius this month, is directly conjunct with Mars. Add the fact that this is a "blue moon" (the third of four full moons in a season, or the time between an equinox and a solstice), and that Mars is going "red", and you've got a big situation!

Luckily, Mercury will station direct on the 22nd, so communication, at least, will free up a bit. That doesn't help a whole lot when you've still got Mars in retrograde until the end of June. The interaction between Mars and Sagittarius this month is troubling, and the key words for this time should be "be watchful, be aware, be cautious". All the bottled up frustration of normally forthright, assertive Sagittarius may manifest inward, since outlet is thwarted by the retrograde motion. This may cause a blowup of uncomfortable proportions - the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars Retrograde heightens our awareness of this frustration and provides a channel through which we can express our rightful, righteous anger. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is not a sign known for great tact or diplomacy, so anger here may not serve any healthy purposes and instead just add to the tension. As with our keywords for this full moon, it's a good idea to be circumspect now. Remember that with Mars retrograde, this energy is high but not well aimed and can misfire.

With all this rather unsettled energy in the air, it's time for Hoopla! Emporium's semi-regular Full Moon Celebration. Come by the store at 6:00 pm on Monday, May 23, for a short cleansing and blessing by Shaman Carol Woodliff, and a wine tasting with our friends at! We'll have a discussion on the meaning of the 5 planet retrograde, how retrogrades affect you, and what you can do to protect yourself. Our friend Sonia Chernobieff will be here reading Tarot cards for the occasion. She's also taking appointments for Tarot readings at the store, too, so you can call and make an appointment with her!

On Saturday, May 21, Hoopla! Emporium is hosting "The Enchanted Forest - Fairy Garden 101", which features local garden designer Stephanie Clements. For only $25.00, you and one child can learn how to build a water-wise fairy garden using succulents from local company, Dominus Plantarum, and fairy garden elements provided by Hoopla. Fairy Lydee will provide entertainment, Maureen Koran is providing fairy cupcakes, and Doreen Virtue certified fairy oracle reader Alyse Korn will be here, too! Be sure to register quickly, as space is limited to 20 paid adults, and it's filling quickly! There will be plants available for purchase from Dominus Plantarum, and a special pop-up appearance by Athene Raphael, who makes the most adorable floral crowns and headwear for babies. The fun starts at 3:00, and goes until 6:00 pm. We hope to see you at any (or all) of these events!