Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Are Wealthy In Our Friends

Like most business owners, Scott and I have met many people.  Some met during the course of each day, some while at networking events, classes or through our friends.  I love meeting new people - each one offers a new opportunity for a relationship of one sort or another and I relish the anticipation of discovery.

More than what for us is normal, we've met so many that have become wonderful friends.  Over these past few years, we've had the pleasure of knowing them and experiencing their kindness.  For us, it's a testament to the goodness of humans, which is the basis of our holiday traditions.  As wild and crazy as things may get, we can always count on our friends to surround us with warmth and support.

May all of you be surrounded this season with the wealth of your friends and family.  May you be at peace and enjoy every moment of whichever holiday you celebrate.  We are grateful for you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.....Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa, everyone, we wish you happiness!

We'll be taking a holiday hiatus and will be back shortly after the new year.  Until then, stop by the store if you can and say hello.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let There Be Light!

Have you ever visited a place so beautiful that it literally took your breath away?  It's those moments that we humans live for, it's what inspires us and what keeps us looking for that next "fix" of fabulous.  Without them, we are bereft and without hope.

Scott and I had one of those moments last night, as Altadena's Christmas Tree Lane Association flipped the switch and Santa Rosa Avenue exploded into a million points of colored light!  Seemingly suspended in the dark night as you gaze down the road, it's as if the entire length of it was made to be Santa's runway.  Of course, according to the history of Christmas Tree Lane, it wasn't a runway for a sled and its team of flying reindeer.  But it was a mile-long driveway for a home that was never built, and I'm sure that Mr. Nash would've let Santa use it for takeoff, should he have needed it.

Christmas Tree Lane is such a wonderful attraction for Altadena to have, and it's a testament to the hard work of the Association members and volunteers who make it happen.  We are so proud to be a supporter of CTLA and we were very worried a week or so ago that the lighting ceremony wouldn't take place.  A brutal windstorm swept through the San Gabriel Valley with hurricane force - somehow, the atmospheric conditions made that wind possible, and the damage it left behind was considerable.  Two trees were lost on Santa Rose Avenue, bad enough, but all up and down this street with the lovely Deodar Cedars, large branches had broken, falling and pulling down the carefully placed light strings that had just been placed.  So much debris littered the street and yards of the homeowners there - would there be enough time to get it all repaired and cleaned up before the ceremony on the 10th? 

True teamwork is hard to find, but it was found in spades in our community - it was found right at Christmas Tree Lane!  Kudos go to all those involved with the restoration of the light strings, the clean up and setting up for what was a fantastic event - an event sorely needed by all of us.  For it is without beauty we grow melancholy, and with the events of last few weeks, beauty has been hard to come by.  

Photo courtesy of Altadenablog

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful week coming up!  Be sure to like us on Facebook and look for the announcement of our special holiday wine pairing next Saturday. Watch for news of a special benefit on Sunday for Altadena Community Church.  We're also planning an Ugly Christmas Sweater shopping extravaganza the week before Christmas!  Hang onto your hats, friends, the season is upon us!

Lori and Scott