Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Venus Retrograde 2018 - Know Yourself

Venus, the planet of the Goddess of Love, stations retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on Friday, October 5. Since this planet goes retrograde only every 19 months, the least of any planet, and this makes a very big deal. On top of that, there's Venus' challenging squares to Pluto and Mars, which will put your close interpersonal relationships in the spotlight. It might also make you angry.

We're entering a period of approximately 40 days of Venus Retrograde, and that seems like a long time, doesn't it? While it seems like it is, it's really just a quick moment in time, which will pass before you know it. Let's take a closer look into what Venus Retrograde actually means, and what actions you can take to lessen its impact.

According to astrologist Jim Sher, "Venus represents the processes by which we discover our deepest values, our priorities and what is most important to us." In this period of retrograde action (the process of standing still, then moving backward) allows us the chance to reflect on our life and relationships. The symbol of Venus is the mirror, and this mirror may now show our shadow, self-sabotaging self. You now have the opportunity to correct any misguided attempts you may have been making to open a blocked heart.

With the square to Pluto, the focus is on death, and death equals rebirth. In this particular time, you may experience the death of old relationships anew. This give you the chance to finally put them out of your mind altogether, and go forward with your life. It also is an ideal time for creative pursuits, and you can channel any Pluto or Mars driven anger/anxiety into art, gardening, or some other physical act of creation.

A word of caution for our friends with empathetic abilities - be cautious. If you find yourself constantly drained by the energy of others, it may be time for you to check in and see how much of your energy you are allowing to be sucked away. Again, keep your mind busy and be selective about who you and what you give your power to.

This 40 day period sounds ominous, but in reality, this is a gift that allows us to know who we really are. Venus retrograde runs deep and we may see all of this energy manifesting in our relationships, in our creative projects, in our work, and with how we choose to love ourselves.

The New Moon in Libra comes on October 8. Until then, blessed be.

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