Monday, March 27, 2017

But, There's A Catch.....

The New Moon debuts tonight in the fiery sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and as such, always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. This describes this Moon phase perfectly, as it is conjunct Venus and Venus is in retrograde. Venus retrograde is supremely uncomfortable in Aries in the best of times.

While everything seems to be coming up roses, it's the thorns you must be aware of - it's very tempting to jump first and ask questions later, yet it would be wise to first investigate a situation prior to leaping. Moon conjunct Venus is hungry for affection, and so will try valiantly to keep things harmonious. This means that we will try to please those around us but our egos may take a beating for anything that's out of the norm. And this is a time when things are anything but normal! Our friends at Darkstar Astrology say: "This Aries Moon conjunct Venus can also attract violent behavior as it goes about trying to bring fairness to situations. At this new Moon we have to watch out we don’t become a doormat with all that people-pleasing. Sociable Moon conjunct Venus is so hypersensitive to the needs of others that paradoxically the only way to get any ‘me’ time at all at this New moon might be by shutting off from company all together."

There's an analytical component to this New Moon as well. The star Alpha Reticulum highlights scientific, astronomical, and astrological skills. This would be a great time to check out the night sky with friends and ponder the meaning of the universe and your role in it. What's important to you, and how do you actively go about achieving it? As noted, this is both an energetic and turbulent Moon phase - positive and negative. Are you serving yourself or are you working to serve others?

Now is the perfect time to contemplate what you want and need to manifest and create for the balance of the year. Do you need to enhance or even revamp your needs and goals? Perhaps it's time to wipe the slate clean and bring fresh energy into your plans. The New Moon gives us this chance to restart, renew, and recharge. Take some alone time and meditate on just what it is you need to get through - just make sure there are no hidden snags on what could be a bumpy ride to a fresh, new you!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Getting Down To The Real Nitty Gritty

This Full Moon in Virgo, directly following Venus going retrograde* and with Mercury square Saturn, could be thought of as a period of deep personal healing. We have the ability to look within and deal with our firmly seated beliefs that may be holding us back, but first we must jump the hurdle of this Moon's difficult position. Virgo is the archetypical nurse figure, taking care of the universe. This lunation, however, the nurse must heal within before healing without. The buildup of resentment is real - has anyone taken the time to repay Virgo's charity & dutiful attentions? On the other hand, patients may not have asked for the ‘medicine’ at all, and in frustration are apt to throw it all back in the Virgo Full Moon’s face. Quite the conundrum, isn't it?
Our friends at Mystic say, "Mercury square Saturn is a test to think your way out of the box. These are tough aspects yet we can make them work by being willing to be open to suggestions from our intuition as Mercury is in Pisces. The highly efficient Virgo Full Moon is saying that we need to get down to the nitty gritty if we want to achieve our dreams (Sun in Pisces). Virgo sometimes wants to shy away into the background but right now it’s important that we step up to the plate. Let others see your work. This Full Moon it’s about having the confidence to show what you can do. Learn to control those fearful lions that tear at the meat of your courage."
Getting our courage back is key at this Full Moon, and using it for a good cause is crucial. Perhaps this is a cosmic push for us to speak truth to power, yes? For those of you who are following politics, know that this Full Moon has the pathological need to shock and outrage, so don't be surprised if this plays out on the political stage. However, the upside is that we also have the opportunity to rise and achieve personal enlightenment and awakening. There is also the promise of being freed from the bondage of imprisoning mindsets. Sounds good to me!
*Venus is in retrograde from March 4 to April 15. You may find out more about it here.