Friday, September 5, 2008

Ahhhh.....September is Here!

School has started and fall is in the air, my friends. We’re now entering my very favorite time of the year and we’re just bursting with plans for the upcoming season!

Here now is our Back-to-School promotion….just look for the bright red schoolhouse and you’ll find everything you need for you or your child’s new school year. We’re making it easy for you by placing the items in one large display….come see, ‘cause it’s too cute! Remember to stay local, buy local - save gas and support your community! Staples, and big-box stores like them, may have killer deals, but did you know that when you buy from them your money doesn’t stay in your community, let alone stay in California? It’s true. Almost every big box chain store’s headquarters are located in some other state or country and your money is going there instead of here, where it’s needed. Just sayin’.

Those of you who have signed our guestbook at the store might have recently received from us an invitation to have your child(ren) professionally photographed and receive the gallery-wrapped canvas photo free of charge after they hang in our “Growing Up Gallery”. This is not a gimmick or a trick to get you to buy or a sham or a lie….this is the real deal. Penelope Palumbo, of Pasadena’s Studio P3, is a dear friend of Michelle’s, and wants to expand her photographic efforts here in Altadena. What better way, she thought, than to run a promotion through WFS….invite our most treasured customers to have their child’s photo taken at the Studio with every professional amenity available, have the completed canvas exhibited at WFS through the 4th quarter, and receive the canvas absolutely free after Studio P3 finishes with it? What an excellent gift this would make….who wouldn’t love a gorgeous photo of your child? Or you could, of course, keep it and have it hanging in your home for all to admire. Whichever, this is a fantastic opportunity to receive a large-sized piece of art and pay nothing….no strings attached. Oh wait….there will be a party held for the family and friends of the chosen models and we’ll advise you of the date for that later on. If you got an invitation, please respond soon, as there are only 10 available slots, 4 of which have already been spoken for. Multiple children in one photo is acceptable….if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Lori or Michelle at the store.

I also want to keep you all informed of upcoming plans for more functions benefiting Dr. Sandra Thomas’ Quality of Life Center. As you know, we’ve partnered with the Center, as we believe there is nothing more precious than our children, and the future of our country lies in their hands. Our children, every one of them, deserves to have every educational avenue open to them so they can succeed in today’s world. We want to help Dr. Thomas realize that dream. We all need to be aware of the great need in our community for a program like this. Please take a moment, click on her link on this page and discover what the Quality of Life Center is all about. Help us support our future!

As a reminder, we’re receiving new merchandise all the time. Why not drop by and see? As always, there’s a hot cuppa coffee or tea waiting, just for you. See you soon!