Thursday, October 5, 2017

Highly Strung

October's Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon due to the fact that this is the first Full Moon since the Fall Equinox on September 22. Did you know that we haven't had a Harvest Moon since 2009? It's true! The October Full Moon is also called the Hunter's Moon. Whatever you call it, be prepared, because this one's real interesting.

We suppose we can call this Full Moon the most aspected this year - here's a list of what's impacting this lunation:

Moon opposite Mercury
Mercury and Sun Quincux Neptune
Sun square Pluto
Moon square Pluto
Venus conjunct Mars
Venus square Saturn
Mars square Saturn
Venus trine Pluto
Mars trine Pluto
Jupiter opposite Uranus
The Full Moon falls on the fixed star Alderamin in Cepheus the King

That's quite a list, and it would take forever to run down each aspect with you. Leave it to say that due to all these conflicting influences, we should all pay attention to how we communicate. There's a huge push of Mercury energy coming with this Moon and Mercury is the communicator of the Zodiac. Because of the negative influence of Neptune, we may become susceptible to (I hate to say this) fake news. Possible scenarios include self-deception, paranoia, lies, manipulations, and lack of understanding. Try your best to avoid negative people and negative influence. Only trust people you really know so you do not fall victim to lies, deception, fraud or gossip. It is important to keep up positive self-esteem but there is always a balancing act with these quincunx aspects. Too much pride would lead to a fall, just as too much self-pity will lead to failure.

Sun square Pluto and Moon square Pluto make this a very intense Full Moon. Their square to Pluto can involve compulsive and destructive behaviors. Just remember, whether you are the instigator or the victim of jealousy, manipulation, bullying, or abuse, challenges can be turned into an opportunity to transform and evolve. Transformation and evolving, then, are the crux of this lunation, particularly for your close relationships. A carrot to get you through all this is the Venus/Mars conjunction, which will increase your charisma and popularity, and make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. This is also a great time for creativity, so feel free to start that next art project.

Our best advice is to take advantage of your opportunities and avoid the potential pitfalls, so you can enjoy the next two weeks and use the intense passion of this full moon to get motivated and work hard on your goals. We'll check in next month to see how you did!