Saturday, October 15, 2016

Full Hunter's Moon In Aries - Control Is The Name Of The Game

We've all had an interesting past few months, astrology-wise, haven't we? We are now past the major retrograde season (whew!), came through eclipse season intact, are still dealing with the nasty fallout from Saturn/Neptune square, plus we lived through last month's Black Moon. Now we deal with the aftermath!

You can comb through all the astrology pages on the internet and you'll find sensationalistic warnings of the Mercury-Pluto-Eris square and all the havoc it will wreak; how Moon conjunct Uranus will keep things crazy; and how the Sun's opposition to Uranus will challenge the status quo. What to keep in mind while reading all this is to remember to stay in control.

You'll also hear that this is a Supermoon. A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is close to the earth, and this helps  amplify its energy. Because the aspects of this full moon are very challenging, even more so because of the conjunctions and squares (Mars/Pluto/Mercury), it's important to know that anger, arguments, and rebellious behavior are to be expected. Keep your ego in check and don't take things too seriously. In fact, there's a great opportunity here to take that negative energy and get creative with it. Speak your mind, but be aware - the Aries Full Moon demands action and courage, not anger or blame, so use your journal, make art, or ground that excess energy in Mother Earth!

This is also a auspicious time to stand in your truth, to confront and finally deal with old issues that have recently come bubbling up to the surface. One of this Full Moon's conjunctions is with the bright star Eris, the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, even chaos. She is also the feminine warrior Goddess. Use her energy wisely to control base emotion, to take the higher road, and realize that over-reaction to anything during this time will not serve you well. Once you've controlled the ego, you can stand strong against any negativity, send it back to Earth, practice patience, and speak respectfully. Above all, remember that there is truth in this Moon - you may have to dig deep to uncover it, but when you find it, it'll be a razor sharp, but precious thing.