Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After Easter Blow-Out and Fundraiser Follow-Up

All Easter themed home decor is now specially priced to make way for new merchandise arriving soon. Come in and stock up for next year! Faux chocolate bunnies & eggs and Spring florals are currently 25% off.

We are pleased to announce that we raised just under $800.00 for Antwan Havard of Dr. Sandra Thomas' Bright Future Scholars group. While that doesn't meet the full amount needed for Antwan to go to the Washington, D.C. retreat next month, it does help and we'd like to thank all who participated. WFS looks forward to a long relationship with the Quality of Life Center, Dr. Thomas and the Bright Future Scholars.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

High Hopes and Community Involvement

Forgive my sporadic posting, please....I'm still adjusting to having a blog to keep up. I'll get better at it, I hope.

I'd like to take a quick minute here and talk about what's happening next week, the Saturday before Easter specifically. WFS is having an Easter-themed coloring contest for the children of Altadena (well, actually, it's a raffle, because all the kids are winners in our book) that culminates Saturday the 22nd of this month. We're very excited to announce that the winning names, of which there will be 3, will be drawn by none other than the Easter Bunny himself. How fun will this be for your young ones? Bring 'em on in, there'll be wonderful Easter baskets for the prize winners and no child will leave empty handed......don't forget your cameras, either, 'cause you'll definately want to get a picture of your cutie and Mr. Bunny!

After you enjoy the Easter fun, you can browse our might notice the banner hung by our office windows above the cash station. This banner is announcing that 25% of our sales for the entire day on the 22nd will be donated to the Bright Future Scholars for the benefit of Antwan Havard. The Bright Future Scholars are a group of middle and high school high-acheivers under the wing of Dr. Sandra Thomas, Altadena's current Citizen of the Year. Being part of this highly respected group allows a child to expand their educational horizons, exposing them to real-life studies of current events that will contribute to shaping their lives. To that end, they are planning a Spring Retreat in Washington, D.C., this April. Each child needs $2,000.00 to cover their expenses for this important trip, and Antwan was anticipating going with everyone when April rolled around.....but the unthinkable happened and his grandmother passed away. Money that was earmarked toward Antwan's trip had to be used to honor is grandmother's memory, and because of that, his long-awaited trip is in jeoprady. One of my associates, Leilana, knows Antwan and his family very well and brought me a letter Antwan wrote requesting help getting to Washington, D.C. with the Bright Futures Scholars. What could I do, I thought, to help this child take this trip to our nation's capitol? I'd just been at the Chamber of Commerce dinner honoring Dr. Thomas and was so impressed with her accomplishments and moreso by the obvious pride she takes in "her kids", who were there in numbers supporting and cheering her on. I told her that evening that I'd love to do something to help.....this, I thought, is the perfect time to begin doing something. Webster's has been a presence in Altadena for well over 80 years and I believe that we should use that presence to help our community and its most valuable assets.....the children. So come by on Saturday.....don't feel pressured to buy anything, but all of us would sure appreciate it if you could just leave a donation for Antwan with one of us, if you'd rather.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making The Best Of A Not So Positive Economic Forecast, or, What Can WFS Do For You?

What dire news we're hearing lately from the media. We're entering a recession, we're not entering a recession, it's just a slowdown....whatever it is, it's sure not glad tidings we're receiving, is it? The price of goods and services are more costly due to the increasing costs of raw material and fuel and it seems to be a never-ending spiral. When you've just bought a retail store in a suburb of a large city, it's downright frightening. Folks naturally keep their assets close when faced with times like these....we understand this and are thinking about ways we can keep our business alive yet try to help out our customers at the same time. In addition to that, we want to make you aware about what buying locally means to you and your community. Did you know that when you buy from a big box store chain, you're actually supporting the state these companies were incorporated in? Why not buy from an independant retailer in your town where the revenue they receive really does support the area you live in? True, the prices can be lower at a big box....but then again, you have to buy quantities to realize those savings. True also that you have to then deal with the "big box attitude" and their lack of any real knowledge. Who hasn't gone to Staples or Home Depot and spent valuable time looking for someone to help you, only to be a) ignored, b) told that they don't know, or the worst, c) be told something that is totally wrong? At WFS, you will never be ignored or be given faulty information....that is our solemn promise to you. I can't promise that you'll never wait a little bit, but I will swear right here that we'll do our utmost to see you satisfied, whether you're buying an eraser or placing a special order. When you shop at WFS, you'll be treated the way you should be a guest by a staff member that lives in your community. We'll introduce our associates to you soon, but I want to take this opportunity to let you know just how proud we are of our little retail family.

So what can WFS do for you? First and foremost, there's the savings on gas, time and effort. We're right here, on Altadena's main street. For those of you who live up the hill a ways, either west or east, getting down into Pasadena can be a chore, and not a pleasant one. Traffic, parking.....ehhhhh, who needs it! And all those new buildings and living spaces under construction will just add to the congestion, can you imagine? Save the headaches for a special occasion and shop locally.....we have just about everything you need for your office and home. We've talked about our childrens' section, now let's discuss our other goods and services. WFS offers:
  • Top of the line stationery....paper, imprintables, notes and ungreeted cards (blank inside).
  • Custom printing for invitations, special occasions, announcements and banners without the long wait typical at other stationers.
  • Extensive office product selections - catalog avaible with next-day availability on most special orders.
  • We offer business or come see what we can help you with.
  • UPS/FedEx Authorized Shipping Outlet, boxing and packaging services.
  • Faxing and laminating services.
  • Large selection of childrens' books and toys, geared toward educational improvement & empowerment
  • Teaching aids....we give teachers' discounts.
  • School necessities....pencil boxes & pouches, binders, bookcovers, notebooks, ledgers, graph paper, rulers, stencils, protractors, angles & compasses.
  • Personal mail boxes that can receive UPS/FedEx shipments (unlike USPS boxes)....great for your business!
  • Envelopes.....lots and lots of mailers and you can buy them individually or in a box for more savings.
  • Pens from everyday use to special....we carry Shaefer, Cross and Waterman, plus all refills for same.
  • Pencils of every kind, from learning-to-write to mechanical and leads for same.
  • Large line of art products....drawing tablets, brushes, paints, specialty sets, pastels, colored pencils, markers, canvases. We offer an artists' discount.
  • Journals and diaries for kids and adults....all journals in stock are now 25% off.
  • Calendars....monthly, daily, weekly and academic planners along with desk and wall calendars....all calendars are now 35% - 40% off to make room for our '09 merchandise....hurry in before they're gone, it's still early in the year!
  • New this year......unique home and office decor and tabletop featuring the Mary Carol Collection. Like I said before, there's no reason your home or office can't combine the mundane with the decorative....let us help you take it to the next level. Design and decor advice freely's what I do best.
  • Also new are our lines of gourmet snack mixes from Wind & Willow and Gourmet du Village, coffees and teas from Pasadena Coffee Company and our special gourmet chocolates. Looking for a special and tasty gift? Come see what's new.....we've got our own line of gourmet candied popcorn coming soon!

Whew! We're also very excited to announce our Easter coloring raffle for the children of Altadena. Come on in and pick up the age-specific coloring pages and enter your child(ren) in the drawing. All the kids' artwork will be displayed for the entire community to see and we will have the raffle for prizes....Easter baskets chock-full of goodies....the Saturday before Easter Sunday. We will be closed Easter Sunday so all of us can celebrate with our families on this joyous holiday. We'd love to see you on Saturday, never know who might pop in!