Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sept. 2017 Full Moon - A Double Edged Sword

After August's fiery spectacle of eclipses, both lunar and solar, we're heading into a quieter time with the September 6th Full Moon in Pisces. Are you ready for the shift in energy? We hope so, since this watery Pisces Full Moon helps us understand our true intentions.

Because of several contingencies, however, this Full Moon can, as our title reveals, be a double-edged sword. Remember, Pisces is the sign of intuition and psychic abilities, and in this lunation brings insights into our deeper thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as an occasional psychic flash or two.

We're predicting a stronger reaction to this Full Moon because it is conjunct with Neptune, which makes our already emotional sign of Pisces somewhat confused, weak, and vulnerable to illness and deception. Neptune begins retrograde at 12° 49' Pisces - how will Neptune's influence affect your mood and close relationships? As mentioned, Pisces is highly emotional, so this Moon will increase your emotional sensitivity and empathetic abilities. You may experience increased susceptibility to untruth and scandal, which can be worrisome in today's charged political atmosphere.

Mercury, in retrograde since mid-August, is stationing direct on Sept. 5, the day before this Full Moon. What's fascinating about this is that it is stationing direct in the same degree of Pisces! So this is the second edge of the sword, like a double dose of empathy - don't be surprised if the feelings of others (even televised or digital media reports of others' feelings) causes you some emotional distress. As the Messenger to the Gods, Mercury is responsible for communication. As such, expect him to reveal any messages or insights to the surface during the week that follows.

Conscious self-awareness will help filter out any negative distractions. Use this sensitivity for good and be of aid to victims, which is perfect advice during this time of great need and turmoil here in the U.S.. Your emotional comfort will carry a healing quality, so be generous and spread it like glitter!  Remember, the effects of a Full Moon last for about two weeks, just in time for the effects of the New Moon to take precedence.