Friday, February 10, 2017

Sometimes We Need A Little Magic

According to, "The last eclipse was in September 2016 and February’s Eclipse is going to bring an end to whatever energy was brewing at this time. This ending is to pave the way for a new beginning, which will come at the end of the month on the New Moon Solar Eclipse." So, this is big news - we have a Full Snow Moon (in the sign as well as the Constellation of Leo) along with a Lunar Eclipse and the New Year Comet! We're looking at this event as a gateway into new energy paths that have the potential to change the direction of your life, and as the "final purge of 2016".

What does that signify for you? For one thing, it signals a clean(er) internal slate. As a final purge of leftover energies from 2016, you'll experience an end to things that have attached themselves to you and are unwanted. As Jamie Partridge, the Astrology King, has said, "with a Lunar Eclipse, the blotting out of the moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months". Together with the February 26th Solar Eclipse, this Lunar Eclipse will remain active until the August 2017 Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse. "Lunar Eclipses are always viewed in astrology as being deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change. -" On the other hand, Eclipses are like the hand of cosmic forces pushing you along to wherever you need to be. You might not like where you're pushed, or it might not be where you thought you'd be, but it's definitely where you need to be.

There is also this awesomely portentous pattern to the planets around this Full Moon. A couple months ago, we described what is called the "Mystic Rectangle". This month, we have a beautiful Pentagram formation, crowned at the top by the planet Saturn. This is pure serendipity, the icing on the cake, the luck of the draw - it signifies that empathetic vibrations are increasing, and you can rely on your instinct and common sense. Saturn is the god of time (Cronus is his Greek counterpart), of wealth, of agriculture, and of liberation. As such, consider this an auspicious time to make some positive changes, as well as bringing people together in a cause. I think we're starting to see this play out on our political stage as we speak. Not since the explosive 1960s have we seen so many people working for positive change!

Speaking of the political arena, we have seen how the challenging astrological forecasts of the past year that played out. There has been so much dissention surrounding the recent election, one can not find it difficult to attribute this unforeseen negative energy to the last inauspicious Lunar Eclipse, and its effect on the dreaded Saturn/Neptune Square. Gladly, this Full Moon, along with the Lunar Eclipse, and Comet will give us the fortitude we need to recognize the source of our inner tensions, and the tools with which to resolve them. Perseverance along with a strong work ethic will equal success!

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