Monday, September 26, 2016

Black Moon Blessings, You'll Need Them!

We all know that the New Moon was on September 1, and coincided with a penumbral lunar eclipse. Get ready for another new moon on September 30, called a Black Moon because it's the second New Moon in a month!

Having two New Moons in the same month is generally known as super beneficial, as amplified feminine energies bring us into a time of great awakening and clarity. Of course, all New Moon's are great times to go within, plant seeds of intention, and let go of things that no longer serve. The Black Moon can provide us with a powerful blossoming of intentions planted prior to this phase, but it's also a time of some intense tribulation.

This second New Moon is in Libra, our sun sign of the month, conjunct Jupiter at 4 degrees. This signals party-time, my friends! I mean, hallelujah, after all this heavy stuff with the Saturn square Neptune we've been dealing with, we get a little break, right? Libra conjunct Jupiter is happy time, making it easier to find joy and have a great time with others! The sextile to Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius gives a nice opportunity to turn new friends or flirts or acquaintances into long lasting ones. Oh, wait....Saturn is still square to Neptune, and we just can't seem to shake off their negative effects. We have all this positive energy generated by the Black Moon, but are still unsure about how and where to expend it.

This Libra New Moon/Black Moon is also square to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. New Moons in cardinal signs (such as Libra) often signal anger and power struggles. Our challenge is to intuit where the initial struggle is coming from - an outside source, or your own internal shadow? You may discover that it's your own manipulative or controlling tendencies at work, so be careful!

Jupiter tends to exaggerate situations, blow things out of proportion, and the Libra New Moon conjunct Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and square Mars and Pluto will create some over the top emotions and encounters for sure. Get yourself out there and deal with it - you'll be glad you did!

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